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Ceramic tiles (54)

  • ASCOT -  imitation wood ceramic tiles

    PAR-KER range – Porcelanosa ASCOT imitation wood ceramic tiles.

  • AVENUE - ceramic tiles

    A timeless design of granite appearance, with high technical performance due to technological improvements in the manufacturing process.

  • BALTIMORE -  ceramic tiles

    BALTIMORE wall and floor tiles feature a textured finish, bringing quality and chromatic richness to the designs. The edges and uneven relief surfaces give character to each piece.

  • BARCELONA - ceramic tiles

    Floral motifs and decorative geometries are joined in rhythmic patterns or mixed together to form eclectic panels and designs.

  • Basalt

    A series of authentic natural finish tiles.

  • BELICE - ceramic tiles

    Rectified ceramic 31,6 x 90 cm tiles, which combine textures and earthly shades with horizontal stripes on the surface. A harmonious design for all types of walls, spaces and atmospheres.

  • BLUESTONE - ceramic tiles

    BLUESTONE by Porcelanosa gives any environment a traditional touch, combining aesthetic quality with the high resistance of ceramic stone.

  • Boardwalk

    A wooden beam inspired series of tiles.

  • Camouflage

    A series of subtle matt finish tiles.

  • Catalyst

    Natural coloured porcelain floor tiles.

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