TT Waterstop Detail

TT Waterstop Detail

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Triton TT Waterstop is preformed and consists of sodium bentonite and butyl rubber. It swells up to 700% when in contact with water and will return to its original size if the concrete and substrate become dry. If water or moisture is introduced again, the waterstop will re-expand to seal the potential leaking joint.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
AECOsim AECOsim - 1.0 -
Revit Revit 2015 + 5 1.3
Vectorworks Vectorworks - 1.0 -

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What's Changed?


Changes to reflect updates to the NBS BIM Object Standard v1.3

  • Removal of Uniclass2 property
  • Addition of Uniclass 2015 properties
  • Addition of COBie Category property value

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