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Water-borne masonry paints (15)

A water based paint which is weather resistant decorative coatings for external walls. Suitable for most types of masonry including rough cast and pebbledash... Read more.

  • Classic Stone Gloss

    A premium protective and decorative smooth gloss finish for use on most exterior surfaces that may traditionally have been painted with solvent-borne gloss paint.

  • Dursilite

    Washable water-based paint with low dirt pick-up for internal walls.

  • Elastocolor Paint

    Protective and decorative elastic paint based on acrylic resins in water dispersion. It is used to protect the surfaces of concrete and cement renders from aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.

  • Fine Textured Matt

    A premium quality, finely textured masonry paint which provides a professional quality finish and long lasting protection.

  • High Build - Masonry coating

    Advanced decorative and protective textured coating ideal for covering fine cracks and for the renovation of uneven and irregular surfaces.

  • High Cover Smooth - Masonry paint

    A smooth masonry paint specially formulated for the professional user, which provides a quality protective and decorative finish.

  • Stormshield Self-Cleaning Masonry

    Self-cleaning masonry paint.

  • Stormshield Smooth Masonry

    Smooth masonry paint.

  • Stormshield Textured Masonry

    Fine textured masonry paint.

  • Stronghold Smooth Masonry Paint

    A smooth, protective and decorative finish, for use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards.

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