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Water-borne gloss finishes (6)

Water based protective and decorative finishes suitable for interior and exterior use providing a gloss finish.

  • Aqua Water-Based Gloss

    Innovative water-based gloss paint.

  • Cladshield

    Cladshield offers exterior durability and protection and is suitable for use over sound, weathered Plastisol and PVF2 and coil cladded buildings.

  • Ecosure Water-Based Gloss

    Ecosure Water-based Gloss is a professional quality, quick drying and high sheen finish with good flow and application properties.

  • Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss

    Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss is a water-based, durable gloss finish for use on suitably prepared interior and exterior joinery and metalwork.

  • New Build Acrylic Gloss

    Water-based acrylic gloss paint.

  • Weathershield Quick Drying Exterior Gloss

    Weathershield Quick Drying Exterior Gloss is a water-based, high-sheen paint.

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