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Solvent-borne gloss finishes (13)

Solvent based protective and decorative finishes suitable for interior and exterior use providing a gloss finish.

  • Flexigloss X-Tra - Gloss

    A high-performance exterior gloss system which provides greater resistance to cracking and flaking than traditional gloss.

  • Full Gloss

    A high quality decorative and protective finish for use over correctly prepared joinery and metal.

  • High Gloss

    High Gloss is a solvent-based finish suitable for the protection and decoration of most interior and exterior surfaces where a durable high gloss finish is required.

  • Metalgloss X-Tra - Metalwork protection

    A high performance, solvent based gloss finish, specially formulated to provide long lasting protection for exterior metal.

  • New Work Gloss

    A solvent-based gloss emulsion.

  • Next Generation Plus Gloss

    Crown Trade Next Generation Plus Gloss is part of a premium gloss system. It offers excellent application and flow properties along with a beautiful high gloss finish.

  • Professional Gloss

    Alkyd-based gloss paint.

  • Protective Coatings High Performance Gloss For Metal

    Provides a durable and long lasting decorative finish for all exterior metalwork, particularly structural steelwork, walkways, railings, gates and shutters.

  • Smooth Metal Paint

    Primer and top coat in one, which can be applied direct to bare, previously painted or rusted surfaces.

  • Stormshield Flexible Gloss

    Microporous gloss paint.

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