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Semi-transparent wood stains or dyes (21)

Stains for use on interior and exterior wood.

  • Advanced One Coat Woodstain

    Sadolin Advanced One Coat Woodstain's flexible formulation enables it to cope with the natural movement experienced in timber cladding.

  • Classic Select Woodstain

    Classic Select Woodstain is a solvent-based deep-penetrating woodstain, which provides a low build matt finish that will not blister or flake.

  • Classic Wood Protection

    Sadolin Classic is a general purpose woodstain suitable as a two coat application for planed and rough sawn timber cladding, and is also an ideal base coat for timber joinery.

  • Extra Durable Clearcoat

    Sadolin Extra Durable Clearcoat is a unique formulation which offers the performance characteristics of a woodstain with minimal pigment content.

  • Extra Durable Woodstain

    Sadolin Extra is a durable finishing coat for windows and other exterior joinery and for optimum performance should be used in conjunction with a base coat of Sadolin Classic.

  • Interior Stain

    Sadolin Interior Stain can be used all around the house from spindles to interior doors and skirting. Provides a tough finish to guard against everyday wear and tear.

  • Matt Woodstain

    Microporous woodstain.

  • Opaque Wood Finish

    Opaque wood finish.

  • Protective Woodsheen

    Protective Woodsheen is a solvent-based medium build satin finish for interior and exterior wood.

  • Quick Dry Opaque

    Weathershield Aquatech Opaque is a water-based opaque finish woodstain.

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