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26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7HA

ROCKWOOL, based near Bridgend, South Wales, are the UK's leading manufacturer of mineral wool insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic protection. The... Read more.

  • HARDROCK® Dual Density

    A range of high performance, stone wool insulation boards for warm flat roofs.

  • HARDROCK® Multi-Fix (DD)

    Solutions for fire, thermal and acoustic roofing systems for all building types.

  • ROCKWOOL® Acoustic Infill D60

    Trapezoidal shaped tissue faced ROCKWOOL® insulation, which is engineered to suit specified perforated roof decking.


    Fire protection board manufactured from stone wool which offers a comprehensive range of solutions for fire protection of structural steel beams.

  • ROCKWOOL® CAVITY - Insulation

    ROCKWOOL® CAVITY insulation


    ROCKWOOL® CLADDING ROLL has been specifically developed for use in lightweight cladding applications to commercial or industrial framed buildings.

  • ROCKWOOL® External Wall - Insulation

    ROCKWOOL® External Wall external wall insulation.

  • ROCKWOOL® Fire Barrier Slab

    Foil faced ROCKWOOL® slab for fire stopping voids up to 1 m high.

  • ROCKWOOL® FIREPRO Intumescent Pipe Wraps

    Pipe Wraps comprise layers of a graphite based intumescent sheet encapsulated in a polyethylene sheath. All Pipe Wraps are supplied in correct length to suit pipe diameter.

  • ROCKWOOL® FIREPRO® Ablative Coated Batt

    Ablative Coated Batt is intended to act as a barrier to reinstate the fire resistance and acoustic performances of concrete floors, masonry walls and dry wall systems where voids have been created for the passage of services. It can also be used as a ‘head of wall’ barrier to extend the fire resistance and acoustic performances of masonry walls that finish at suspended ceiling height, up to the concrete soffit above. Part of the comprehensive FIREPRO® range of fire protection products.

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