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11 Pantglas Industrial Estate, Bedwas, Caerphilly, Cardiff, CF83 8XD

For many decades we have had an exceptionally strong offer for fencing and gates, and having established an equally strong offer for street furniture in... Read more.

  • Pro-glide Series 5 Balustrade Cantilever Gate

    Balustrade Cantilever gates provide good security and are used where aesthetics are important. Requiring less ground work than a tracked sliding gate and suitable for uneven entrances up to 15 m wide.

  • Pro-glide Series 5 Tracked Balustrade Gate

    Balustrade swing gates provide good security and are generally used to where aesthetics are important. Features the benefits of a very wide access up to 25 M with a double tracked gate.

  • Pro-mesh Fencing Panels

    Pro-mesh panel fencing options are typically used for medium security applications, with the nature of the mesh panels making it difficult to climb and cut through.

  • Pro-sure 358 Fencing

    Pro-sure is for high security applications, though is often used for lower security applications for added peace of mind. Available in heights up to 6 m and an a variety of colours.

  • Pro-vario Fencing

    Pro-vario mesh fencing is a high quality system in the style of industry-standard Paladin fencing, and has the visual appeal from its distinctive vertical banded pattern.

  • Tubular Railing Roundex

    Tubular railings use a Circular tubular infill (CHS), flat or Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) horizontal rails and RHS or Square Hollow Section (SHS) posts.

  • Weldmesh Double Leaf Gates

    Welded mesh swing gates are designed and fabricated form hollow section steel frames, clad with welded mesh or chain link and secured with tamperproof fixings.

  • Weldmesh Single Leaf Gates

    Welded mesh single leaf gates are designed and fabricated from hollow section steel frames, clad with welded mesh or chain link and secured with tamperproof fixings.

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