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Silicone render (3)

Silicone renders are highly water repellent, vapour permeable and weather resistant. They are flexible and thus have excellent crack resistant properties.... Read more.

  • Silancolor Tonachino

    Transpirant, water-repellent, thick-layered siloxane coating product with high filling properties for internal and external surfaces.

  • Silancolor Tonachino Plus

    Highly protective transpirant, water-repellent, mildew and mould-resistant siloxane coating product for internal and external surfaces.

  • Silicon/Silicate Plaster - 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm

    Silicon Finish Coat Render is a high quality, solvent-free final coat with a synthetic resin (silicon) base. Silicon Finish Coat Render complies with DIN 18558 – POrg.1 and satisfies the requirements for synthetic resin render in DIN 18550, Part 1. The product is vapour permeable and waterproof. Silicon Finish Coat Render is available in an even textured - K or grooved/drag render finish - R. Silicon Finish Coat Render is available in white, a wide range of standard colours, RAL Colours or NCS colour range.

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