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Cementitious render (7)

Cement render is the premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, cement, stone or mud brick.

  • ARDEX A 125

    Fine coat smoothing & finishing render.

  • ARDEX AM 100

    Rapid hardening one-coat tiling render.


    Flexible waterproof coating for floors and walls.

  • CASEA Mineral Finish Coat K

    Mineral Finish Coat – K is a factory produced mineral-based, high quality finish coat render, specially designed for hand and machine application to BS EN 998-1. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of the purest white calcium hydrate, white cement and selected aggregates to give a high quality rendering product which is suitable for use in external rendering and internal plastering. Grain sizes available are 1–4 mm in order to achieve a fine, medium or course (rough cast) texture.

  • Nivoplan

    Levelling mortar for interior and exterior walls and ceilings. Suitable for levelling 'out of plumb' walls, rough or damaged renders and brick/block walls before fixing ceramic tiles.

  • Onexit Universal - Single coat render

    Onexit Universal is a factory produced lightweight single coat render specially designed for hand and machine application produced to BS EN 998-1.

  • Planiprep Skimcoat

    Fast-drying skim-coat, fine polymer-modified cement-based product designed for repair, levelling and feathering.

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