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Paxton House, Home Farm Road, Brighton, BN1 9HU

  • Paxton10 Alarm Connector

    This alarm connector is specifically designed to connect your current building alarm systems to the Paxton10 building intelligence system.

  • Paxton10 Connector Housing

    A housing to contain Paxton10 connector modules.

  • Paxton10 Controller

    The Paxton10 controller is the building block of the Paxton10 system, designed to be located near to the appliances it’s controlling. 

  • Paxton10 Desktop Reader

    A slimline desktop proximity reader to allow the enrolment of supported token formats.

  • Paxton10 Door Connector

    A PCB controller capable of controlling a single door with up to 4 proximity readers.

  • Paxton10 I/O Connector

    This connector works to save money, by controlling heating, lighting, air-conditioning and other power consuming devices.

  • Paxton10 Reader

    A low profile, ergonomic proximity reader that is both easy to install and use. Concurrently supporting a number of market leading token types.

  • Paxton10 Server

    The Paxton10 server is the intelligence behind the Paxton10 system.

  • Paxton10 smartpoint

    This device gives the Paxton10 system the ability to identify users by interacting with their Bluetooth® enabled smart device.

  • Paxton10 Vandal Resistant Reader

    In line with the standard Paxton10 reader, the Paxton10 vandal resistant reader offers the same multi-format reader capability, in a vandal resistant housing.

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