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If you are not a Revit user have a look at our NBS Plug-in for ARCHICAD
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Synchronised design guidance

Benefit from direct access to expert NBS guidance. Select an object in the model and the equivalent ‘general guidance’ page in the NBS guidance displays, with information such as design principles, performance, health and safety, environmental and contractual issues.

Synchronised Guidance
Synchronised Guidance animation

Create an outline specification animation

Create an outline specification

Create an outline specification from the design model. One click of a button provides you with a specification that is synchronised with your model.

By doing this not only does this save you time, it also gives you confidence that your model and your specification are the same.

Create an outline specification

Association report

The user may check that all objects are correctly associated with NBS clauses across the project. The report shows the status of all relevant objects and highlights where a clause has been renamed or removed from the specification. You will be guided through the process of fixing these with information such as which user renamed an item and when.

Association report
Association report animation

Drag and drop BIM objects animation

Drag-and-drop BIM objects

There are thousands of generic and proprietary objects available from hundreds of manufacturers. You can drag and drop these objects straight into your design model. All NBS BIM objects contain references to the equivalent NBS specification clauses.

Drag and drop BIM objects

Associate object with clause

All objects within the design can be linked to the relevant specification clause using the ‘Associate Object with Clause’ feature.

Associate object with clause
Associate object with clause animation

Combined IFC generation (Beta) animation

Combined IFC generation (Beta)

A chance to preview and feedback on a new IFC export that allows you to combine property sets from the linked specification clauses with the objects in the model.

Combined IFC generation (Beta)

Integrating your own BIM objects

If a designer’s office have their own BIM objects, they can add the NBS parameters required to enable integration with the specification by using the NBS Revit plug in. This may be done by clicking the NBS button within the Autodesk Revit Family editor.

Integrating your own BIM objects
Integrating your own BIM objects animation

How to download a plug-in

Access to Autodesk® Revit® - you need a machine that can run Revit® 2015, 2016 R2 or 2017 (http://usa.autodesk.com/revit/system-requirements).

NBS Tools (If you are planning to distribute the NBS Plug-in for Autodesk® Revit® to multiple users via managed install please distribute NBS Tools in advance).

File size 144MB
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