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Aggregate concrete blocks (38)

  • Ashlite Commodity Blocks

    Medium density, loadbearing units, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ashlite combines good all round technical performance with a high content of recycled material.

  • Astra-Glaze® Blocks

    Glazed structural masonry that is alive with colour

  • Burnished Venezia™ Blocks

    Glazed structural Masonry block with a subtle burnished finish

  • Carbon Buster Commodity Blocks

    ‘The Carbon Buster‘ is made up of more than 50% recycled material. This includes the Carbon8 pellets which are produced by combining CO2, sand, cement and water.

  • Cellular Dense Concrete Block

    Dense concrete blocks are the most durable and resilient block available, perfect for high strength, acoustic and decorative applications.

  • Corner Padstones

    Precast Concrete Padstone. Various sizes to suit prestressed and precast lintels  

  • Creagh Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units

    Standard size aggregate concrete block.

  • EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks

    Concrete cellular facing blocks with resonating cavity sound cancellation, excellent absorption of low frequency and good absorption of mid and high frequency sound reverberation.

  • Fairface Blocks

    The original Fairface block.

  • Fibo 850 Commodity Blocks

    Ultra lightweight, loadbearing units, suitable for general purpose walling applications. Ideal for use in housing and extensions.

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