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Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd (10)

1 Swan Road, South West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, Co Durham, SR8 2HS

Knauf AMF is a manufacturer of high performance suspended ceiling systems, wall panels, rafts, baffles and associated bespoke products for the global specification... Read more.

  • Acoustic Mineral Board

    THERMATEX Acoustic is a 19 mm thick ceiling tile made from a specially perforated mineral board and an acoustic fleece facing.

  • Alpha

    THERMATEX Alpha is a new ceiling tile providing high sound absorption.

  • Alpha HD (Plank)

    THERMATEX Alpha HD is a Class A acoustic mineral tile providing 30dB sound attenuation in plank format out of the AMF Acoustic Range.

  • Aquatec

    Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd Thermatex Aquatec exposed demountable ceiling system.

  • Fine Stratos Micro VT24

    THERMATEX ceiling tiles are made of modern, bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch with excellent outstanding physical properties in fire resistance and acoustic performance.

  • Heradesign Fine

    Impact resistant acoustic boards constructed from magnestie-bound wood fibres. 

  • Heradesign Superfine

    Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd Heradesign Superfine wood wool acoustic board ceiling system.

  • Mercure SK

    THERMATEX ceiling tiles are made from new generation bio-soluble mineral wool, perlite, clay and starch with excellent fire resistace and acoustic performance.

  • Thermofon Hygena

    THERMATEX Thermofon is a low density mineral tile with a painted acousticfleece facing. It offers outstanding sound absorption values.

  • Topiq

    Fleece laminated mineral wool tiles.

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