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Precast concrete paving blocks (33)

  • City Pave VS5 - Block paving

    City Pave VS5 is a structural pavement consisting of rectangular block paving with shift protection on all sides and bottom surface.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Alpha 

    Brett Alpha is a surface tumbled textured, concrete block paving unit, designed to create the appearance of a traditional aged pavement.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Aura

    Brett Aura is a tumbled surface concrete block paver, designed to create the appearance of a riven natural granite sett, reminiscent of a historic cobbled street.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Beta

    Brett Beta paving has been designed to have clean lines and flat surfaces with minimal edge chamfers to provide a smooth, hard wearing block paving surface.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Lugano

    Brett Lugano is a distinctive, granite-aggregate, textured, concrete block paving unit. Available in three sizes and two colours, Silver Granite & Graphite Grey and has complementary.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Omega

    Brett Omega is a classic rectangular concrete block, that remains the UK's most popular format of paving.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Omega Pencil Edge

    Brett Omega Pencil Edge is a rectangular concrete block with a minimal chamfer. This creates a smoother running surface, making it easier for pushchairs, wheelchairs and trolleys.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Piatto

    Brett Piatto is a premium, modular concrete block paving using high quality aggregates. It is available in a wide range of colours and sizes, in two distinct finishes.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Regatta

    Brett Regatta a lightly riven paving unit designed to give a subtle surface texture, which is reminiscent of old cobble paving.

  • Concrete Block Paving - Zeta Lock

    Brett Zeta Lock is a sixteen sided block paver, providing the greatest interlock between blocks to give the maximum pavement integrity. Typical applications are heavily trafficked and loaded areas.

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