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Precast concrete flags (13)

  • 3 Way Point Rod Roller

    Precast concrete 3 way point rod roller.

  • 6 Way Point Rod Roller

    Precast concrete 6 way point rod roller.

  • Chieftain - Paving flags

    Chieftain paving is a large format paving system that is ideal for pedestrianized areas such as retail locations or city centres.

  • Commercial Flag Paving - British Standard

    Brett British Standard paving offers a functional, durable, cost effective integrated flag range complying with British Standards.

  • Commercial Flag Paving - Lugano

    Brett Lugano offers the aesthetics of natural granite in a distinctive range of silver grey & graphite grey commercial paving slabs. Textured finish and complementary block paving and kerbing.

  • Commercial Flag Paving - Texitone Eco

    Brett Texitone ECO is a range of sustainable slabs, with a minimum of 65% recycled exposed natural slate aggregates. In either a textured or ground finish, in three different colours.

  • Commercial Flag Paving - Yorktone

    Brett Yorktone is a range of textured or ground finish paving flags, in four different colours. This enables designers to create a modern contemporary aesthetic.

  • Granite Step Unit

    Concrete step unit.

  • Historic Flags

    Concrete paving flag.

  • Large Apparatus Case Base

    Precast Concrete Large Apparatus Case Base.

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