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Entrance matting (56)

  • Alba - Entrance matting

    Premium nylon entrance matting carpet.

  • Coral Brush Entrance Matting

    Coral Brush absorbs moisture and removes dry soiling thanks to its three types of yarn.18 colours in the range. Available in sheet, mat and 50 x 50 cm tile formats.

  • Coral Brush Tiles

    Coral Brush Tile offers all the dirt removal and moisture retention properties of standard Coral Brush but with the flexibility that comes with a 50 x 50 cm tile format, 18 colours in the range.

  • Coral Classic Entrance Matting

    Coral Classic, a textile wipe-off entrance system to remove foot-borne dirt and moisture. Available in sheet, mats and tiles. Ideal for entrances and circulation areas, an excellent moisture absorber.

  • Coral Classic Tiles

    The ultimate moisture absorber. Coral Classic Tile is a textile wipe off entrance system to remove foot-borne dirt. Available in 50 x 50 cm tiles, sheet and mat format. 13 colours in the range.

  • Coral Duo Entrance Matting

    Designed for short entrances, Coral Duo is the ultimate dirt and moisture remover due to its ribbed construction. Ideal for interior entrances and circulation areas. 8 colours in the range.

  • Coral Welcome Entrance Matting

    With its contemporary linear design and rich, deep pile, Coral Welcome packs the style and aesthetic appeal of a luxury carpet. Available in sheet and mats. 8 colours in the collection.

  • CS Pediluxe® Entrance Flooring System

    A versatile, high performance, aluminium entrance matting system suitable for high-volume areas.

  • Entrance matting systems - A+ Tretford Design

    50 Colour Design range aluminium entrance matting.

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