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Forbo Flooring Systems UK Ltd (47)

PO Box 1, High Holborn Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3NT

Forbo Flooring Systems is a global producer of world-class flooring solutions, constantly striving to produce sustainable flooring systems that create... Read more.

  • Allura Wood

    Forbo’s Allura Wood collection represents the ultimate finesse in realistic wood designs, produced and designed in Europe. Plank sizes include 100 x 15 cm, 120 x 20 cm & 150 x 28 cm.

  • Coral Brush Tiles

    Coral Brush Tile offers all the dirt removal and moisture retention properties of standard Coral Brush but with the flexibility that comes with a 50 x 50 cm tile format, 18 colours in the range.

  • Coral Classic

    Coral Classic, a textile wipe-off entrance system to remove foot-borne dirt and moisture. Available in sheet, mats and tiles. Ideal for entrances and circulation areas, an excellent moisture absorber.

  • Eternal Colour

    From bold solid colours, to subtle colour gradients, Eternal Colour general purpose vinyl offers an inspiring choice of colour and design. Available in 2 m wide sheet. 36 colours in the range.

  • Eternal Material

    Eternal Material general purpose vinyl is a modern collection of textiles, metals and stones which create a soft, elegant look and feel. Available in 2 m wide sheet. 31 colours in the range.

  • Flotex Metro Neon Tiles

    A collection of eight bright neon pop colours that can be used for highlighting, way-finding or simply on their own to create standout spaces.

  • Flotex Penang Tile

    Flotex Penang tiles can be laid as broadloom, tessellated or brick, and with a colour palette spanning 34 rich modern shades, it is a design which lends itself to any commercial application.

  • Flotex Pinstripe Tile

    With its subtle tailored design, Flotex Pinstripe delivers a distinctive style that complements contemporary interior spaces. There are 12 colours in the range.

  • Flotex Stratus Sheet

    Flotex Stratus is a modern linear design, created to work on its own or in conjunction with the Flotex Cirrus range to create contemporary flooring installations. There are 15 colours in the range.

  • Flotex Stratus Tile

    The wide variety of installation methods – half drop, brick, tessellated or monolithic – mean that Flotex Stratus tiles open up a world of flooring design options. There are 15 colours in the range.

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