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PVC sheet (33)

  • 2000 PUR Vinyl Sheet Flooring

    Heavy-duty vinyl sheet flooring featuring a marbleised decoration and polyurethane reinforcement.

  • Classic Imperial Floor Covering

    Flexible homogeneous compacted floor covering.

  • Classic Mystique PUR Vinyl Sheet Flooring

    Hardwearing, non-directional vinyl sheet flooring featuring a polyurethane reinforcement.

  • Expona Flow PUR Vinyl Sheet Flooring

    The Expona Flow collection of heavy commercial vinyl sheet floorcoverings encompass beautifully replicated wood planks and striking abstract effects. 

  • Finesse SD Sheet Flooring

    Finesse SD has been engineered for use where static control is required, but the resistance level of the floor does not need to be as low as that provided by a conductive floor.

  • Forest fx PUR Vinyl Sheet Flooring

    Vinyl sheet flooring with authentic wood designs and high durability, for use in areas of high foot traffic as well as residential locations.

  • Mipolam Biocontrol Sheet

    Electro conductive homogeneous floor covering.

  • Mipolam Cosmo

    Flexible monolayer homogeneous calendered and pressed floor covering.

  • Mipolam Elegance

    Flexible homogeneous compacted floor covering.

  • Mipolam Symbioz™

    Flexible homogeneous compacted floor covering.

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