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Modular airport seating system with a unique beamless design, it provides limitless reconfigurability enabling the seating to be changed and adapted to reflect the ever-changing needs and demands of the modern airport environment.


The even spacing of arms and legs and revolutionary design with its minimal footprint, means inFINITE is exceptionally easy to clean. Every last shape, surface and component junction has been carefully designed to avoid dirt traps, speed up maintenance and improve security by offering excellent transparency and uncluttered sightlines.


With inFINITE, unlike more conventional seating solutions, the beam has been designed out. It incorporates a range of standardized elements and completely does away with the notion that a row of seats must be prescribed by its beam length. It allows you to change your layout as the needs of the airport evolve. Constructed from Z-Form PU integral skin foam, inFINITE PU comes in any non-metallic colour. It is also available with cold-moulded foam fully upholstered in fabric, leather or vinyls and laminated plywood.


Thanks to its unique modularity and in-built flexibility, inFINITE can accommodate a wide range of convenient power options: between seats, under seats, on top of table and many more. The innovative power product, Boost, is also available between armrests, is adaptable to almost any international socket type and has options for USB type A and type C fast-charge sockets. Ideal for use with mobile phones, laptops, cameras and entertainment systems such as MP3s or portable game players.


This curved dynamic seating arrangement marks a significant move away from the straight lines and repetitive monotony of most terminals and offers a refreshingly different design to conventional linear seating layouts. As well as offering something visually different to the waiting area norm, inFINITE Arc also provides the opportunity to create friendly curved shapes and a pleasant, welcoming ambiance in the airport. Inner and outer curves naturally create both social and more personal spacing.

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