Unvented Water Heaters

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Unvented water heaters which feed directly from cold mains water to deliver hot water at mains pressure.


Aquapoint 3 comes in a variety of capacities and offers over-sink or under-sink installation. Suitable for single or multiple outlets, Aquapoint 3 is enamel lined and features external temperature control and frost protection.


Aquapoint 4 is a sustainable, durable and efficient wall mounted hot water solution, suitable for both workplace and home environments. With four capacity options, the model boasts a number of innovative features, including its SmartEco mode and anti-legionella function.


Varipoint 2 is an under-sink or over-sink unvented water heater for single or multiple outlets. Heavy gauge copper inner container tested to 16 bar, supplied with temperature and pressure relief valve. 


Features and benefits:


  • Doesn’t require an additional cold water storage tank.
  • Simple and safe to use.
  • Oversink, undersink and wall-mounted options available.
  • ErP compliant.
  • Electronically controlled temperature, suitable for a range of applications.


Zip Aquapoint 3 and 4:


  • Sustainable, durable and efficient.
  • For single or multiple outlets.
  • Available from 5–100 L.


Zip Varipoint 2:


  • For single or multiple outlets.
  • Available from 10–15 L.
  • With external temperature control, copper tank and premium materials.
  • Easy to maintain and built to last.
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