What is My Library?

My Library is your personal tool to help you organise your NBS National BIM Library BIM objects.

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What is My Library?

Since launch, we have continued to develop the NBS National BIM Library with direct input from industry professionals. The momentum of this work has never stopped and our collaboration with users and manufacturers has continued in the background during closed Beta tests that helped shape these updates to the National BIM Library website.

We asked users how easy it was to browse, search and download objects and the feedback received from Beta testers inspired development into providing new ways for users to organise objects into a more efficient resource.

We would like to introduce you to My Library, a tool to help you organise your NBS National BIM Library objects for quick reference, reuse or use later.

  • Shows all the BIM objects you’ve already downloaded.
  • Highlights which of your downloaded objects have been updated, and in what format, so that you can download the latest version for your projects.
  • Allows you to star your favourite objects whilst browsing for later use.
  • Will initially be empty if you haven’t used any BIM objects before.
  • Can be used directly from the NBS Plug-in for Autodesk® Revit®
  • Enables you to add your own tags for better organisation of your objects.
  • Allows you to group objects into a bundle and download them all at once.

Starred tab

While you’re searching and browsing our extensive library, you can now ‘Star’ objects – these could be objects you commonly use, or would like to use in the future. Quickly build up a list which you can access from the Starred tab within the new My Library area. You can then filter your Starred objects by keywords, sort and download them.

Starred objects

Updated tab

You’ll find any BIM objects that have been updated since you last downloaded them in the Updated tab.

If you have used any of these objects in a project we recommend that you download and import the updated object to ensure you’re up to date. BIM objects may be updated for one or more of these reasons:

  • To meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard.
  • A change to manufacturer product information – impacting on either the data or geometry of the object.
  • Manufacturers have updated their company details or product name.
  • To ensure compatibility with NBS Create.
Updated objects

Downloaded tab

The Downloaded tab is already pre-populated with any objects you have previously downloaded. All future downloads will automatically appear within your Library and you can:

  • Search the objects within this list.
  • Order them by the date you downloaded them.
  • View the file formats.
Downloaded objects

Tags tab

You can tag any BIM object on NBS National BIM Library with your own description. Simply use the free text box to tag your objects with, for example:

  • The name of a project you’re working on (eg ‘New School’)
  • Short notes (eg ‘Domestic use’ or ‘inspirational objects’)
  • Product type (eg ‘lighting’)

You can give an object more than one tag, and use your own tagging system to quickly and efficiently filter, sort and download the content you require.

Start tagging either whilst browsing and searching the website or when reviewing existing content within My Library.


Search and filter

While you’re discovering new content, you can now filter your search results by objects that you have previously added into your Library. Use the new ‘Results from My Library’ filter in the left hand column to quickly reduce your result set.

Search and filter


You can download multiple objects at once by adding them to your bundle. Simply select the individual objects and format you need. You can add objects to your bundle both within My Library and when searching on the website.


Get Involved

Although it may not be possible to respond personally to each submission or comment, all the feedback is captured, collated, reviewed where possible.

You will be able to provide your feedback via the “tell us what you think” via the button below.

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