Electroflo™ Touch Free Urinal Sensor

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The Electroflo Urinal Sensor provides touch-free flushing for direct flush urinal systems.


This sensor automatically flushes each individual urinal after use, ensuring the highest level of hygiene from the minimum volume of water.


Available in three finishes, matt black, chrome and stainless steel.


Features and benefits:

  • 300–800 mm adjustable sensor range.
  • Six-second preset flush time.
  • Adjustable flow rate and flush time.
  • Can be supplied with Dudley DC Pipe Interrupter (air gap) to achieve fluid category 5 backflow prevention.
  • Kit supplied with sensor, solenoid and power option [mains transformer or battery pack].
  • Programmable flow time.
  • Provides touch-free flushing.
  • Reprogrammable with separately supplied remote control.
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