Partition Wall System SP75-SS-001

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Standard single wall system based on 75 mm-thick Specwall panel.


Specwall 75mm is an advanced wall system with inherent insulation, acoustic and fire ratings, and allows for the direct application of finishes including tiles and paint. It is water permeable and doesn’t break down when submerged in water, making it suitable for pre-build, Cat A and Cat B installs.

Manufactured in standard sizes of 3000 x 610 mm, 75 mm thick as standard (bespoke options are available). MEP design can accommodate service openings which can be formed off-site or on-site depending on the client preference.

All joints are PU adhesive bonded and filled with grout. Taping and jointing can be requested by the client. The wall can have finishes applied directly, including tiles, skim and paint, and timber pattress is not required with this system.



  1. A2 fire rated.
  2. Reduced labour: Time and motion case studies show Specwall can reduce labour hours needed for installation by more than 55%.
  3. Reduced costs: Specwall can save on overall costs through programme savings, reducing waste, resisting damage and more.
  4. Water permeable: Specwall is not affected or damaged by water or mould and can be installed before the building is water tight.
  5. Sustainable: Manufactured all-in -one product means Specwall achieves minimal wastage, and all of which can be recycled. Specwall can be demounted and reconfigured as per design.
  6. More efficient: Streamline your project management process by reducing wall types and requiring fewer trades on site.
  7. Robust construction.
  8. Quick installation.
  9. Easy to install, lower skillset is required.
  10. Walls constructed in one visit.
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