Rockfon® MediCare® Air

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Does not contribute to the growth of MRSA, low particle emission (ISO Class 3)
Can be cleaned with standard detergents and effectively disinfected by dry steam cleaning.
Class B sound absorption and highest fire safety (Class A1).
Standard A-edge tile available in standard dimensions.

Features and benefits:

  • Class B sound absorption and Class A1 fire safety.
  • Attractive to the visible side, with a white, water repellent surface.
  • Enhanced durability and dirt resistance.
  • Easy to clean; can be cleaned with vacuum, damp cloth, and dry steam cleaning.
  • Hygienic; stone wool provides no sustenance to micro-organisms. This product adheres to microbiological class M1, fulfilling the requirements of
  • Zone 4 (as defined by defined by NF S 90-351: 2013).
  • Includes sealed edges.
  • Can be fully recycled.
  • Resistant to diluted solutions of ammonia, chlorine, quaternary ammonium and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Does not contribute to the growth of MRSA, and has low particle emissions (ISO Class 3).
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 13501-2, and compliant to HTM 60.

Suitable for use in specialized healthcare environments where differential air pressure is required to prevent infection from spreading, including:

  • Surgeries.
  • Recovery rooms.
  • Intensive care.
  • Operating theatres (client approval required).
  • Consult manufacturer for details on recommended installation systems.

Rockfon recommends the addition of closed cell neoprene foam tape on the grid system or the use of gasket grid to improve performance in areas where air pressure requirements are more stringent.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 4 2.1
Revit Revit - 4 2.1

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