Connect Collaborative Lecture Theatre Seating

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Race Furniture's award-winning collaborative seating solution for lecture theatres and other educational environments.


Connect was created in collaboration with Burwells Architects and Loughborough University and was a first-of-its-kind in collaborative educational seating.


The design teachers to circulate freely to interact effectively with students, and is great for group working. The system allows for development of pedagogies, more interaction between student and teacher, and more interaction between students. This in turn has been proved to lead to greater student engagement and satisfaction (leading to improved grades). We offer a comprehensive service, allowing for product customisation as well as a full space plan and layout service ensuring that your lecture theatre meets the optimum needs for students and lecturers.


Features and benefits:


  • Available in a wide range of finishes.
  • A wide range of upholstery styles.
  • Variable configurations.
  • Integrated Technology.
  • DDA Provision.
  • Typically seats are all FSc approved, and contain 80%+ recycled steel content.
  • Customisable real wood, veneer, high-pressure laminate, fabric and leather finishes.
  • Bespoke seat height, width and back angle dimensions.
  • Customisable arm rests, end panels and writing tablets designs.
  • Integrated cable management, signage and storage solutions.
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