EasyGate Elite


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Stylish Slimline design:

The EasyGate Elite is a slimline speed gate that combines high security and style in an elegant design. The modern, minimal brushed stainless steel construction and wide glazed panels makes the EasyGate Elite a focal point for any environment. With a wide range of finishes and customizable options, the Elite speed gate can be configured to meet specific requirements.


Shorter Cabinet length: 

For sites where there is limited space, the EasyGate Elite speed gate is available with a shorter cabinet length for small footprint installations. At only 1070 mm in length, this is a compact version of the Elite. Despite the smaller dimensions of the cabinet the Elite doesn’t compromise on security, coming equipped with glass wing barriers up to 1800 mm high to deter intruders.


Integration possibilities:

The EasyGate Elite is a highly customizable speed gate solution with a wide range of integration options. Lift call display can be integrated into the cabinet providing intuitive guidance for building users when transiting through the speed gates. A combined QR and Barcode Scanner can also be integrated for contactless access and can be placed in to the front leg or on top of the cabinet, without altering the dimensions of the speed gate.


Key Features and Benefits:


  • Minimal sleek construction.
  • Elegant slim cabinet design: 120 mm width.
  • Designed to cope with a high level of throughput.
  • High Glass wings available for increased security.
  • Integration of Lift Call Display.
  • Optional short cabinet design.
  • 3 000 000 cycles (based on recommended maintenance schedule).
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