Elastomeric Isolation Bearings

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Isolation bearings are used to isolate entire buildings or elements such as walls, steelwork or columns. Every bearing is bespoke, designed to accept the specific loads and compress to isolate as required. A typical application would be to prevent vibrations from a nearby railway or underground line entering the building structure or to support raked seating in a cinema. Elastomeric bearings can be made from a variety of materials and are very effective against most medium to high frequency vibration sources. The material choice depends on the environment, but natural rubber is the most common choice due to its low dynamic stiffness. Bearings can be designed to provide low natural frequencies, as low as 4-5Hz if necessary. We design our bearings to last the life of the building. Our elastomers are independently assessed for longevity against suitable structural standards. We design our bearings to function with consistent performance without the need for any inspection or maintenance.

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IFC IFC - 1 2.1
Revit Revit - 1 2.1

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