ARCHICAD Library Part Maker

A new tool to enable designers and manufacturers to create BIM objects in ARCHICAD to the NBS BIM Object Standard.

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What is ARCHICAD Library Part Maker?

Graphisoft has developed a new tool to enable designers and manufacturers to create BIM objects suitable for use in ARCHICAD. The tool can be used to create objects with the data required to meet the criteria of the NBS BIM Object Standard.

Features and benefits

  • A straightforward means of creating component BIM objects.
  • Create the object geometry using ARCHICAD or simply import popular file formats (.IFC, .3dm, .3ds, .dwg, etc.)
  • Adding data is easy, and you can also import data from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • No GDL experience or programming knowledge required.

Use the Morph Tool to geometrically model your object.

library part maker image 1

Select the NBS BIM Object Standard property sets.

library part maker image 2

Select the data you want to add to the object, based on NBS BIM Object Standard structured data.

Library part maker image 3

You can now see a list of all the properties you’ll be adding to the object’s property set.

library part maker image 4

If you have data in an Excel spreadsheet you can import it into your object.

Library part maker image 5

You can see the data from Excel imported into the BIM object, showing the property (on the left) and product value (on the right).

Library part maker image 7

Final BIM object in use.

library part maker image 8

To find out more visit

You can download the tool from ARCHICAD or download this guide.

Hear what the industry has to say

“Having created BIM objects in ARCHICAD using a variety of different tools and workflows, I can’t recommend the new ARCHICAD Library Part Maker more highly. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and required no programming knowledge at all.”

Stuart Clark, Director, Constructive Thinking.

Constructive Thinking now uses ARCHICAD Library Part Maker to create all of its custom objects, doors & windows.