Kingspan Uniquad 120


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UniQuad 120 is a unitized translucent curtain wall system suitable for projects whose owners and designers are looking for a unique way to illuminate their building. Offering excellent light transmittance to thermal performance ratios, UniQuad is designed to achieve the best levels of performance. The thermally broken two-panel system can be supplied up to 12 m tall, has large spanning capabilities, and is designed so that the interior and exterior glazing panels are independent of one another.


Features and benefits:

  • High levels of design flexibility with a full range of colour and branding options available.
  • Thermally broken two-panel daylighting system with high light transmittance to thermal performance ratio.
  • Prefabricated, extremely lightweight, unitized system for easy and rapid installation.
  • Augmented thermal and acoustic options available. 
  • Additional design versatility with graphic design and LED backlighting.
  • Removable Skin Technology enables the seamless replacement of the exterior layer. 
  • Dry glazed, rainscreen design allows for low long-term maintenance and a long lifespan.
  • Tested and CE marked as a system according to EN 13830.


Removable Skin Technology (RST)™:

The system’s two layers of glazing were designed to be independent from each other and are mechanically connected to the hidden aluminum support structure. Instead of relying on adhesives, which are temporary solutions, this mechanical connection allows the exterior glazing to be removed while the interior glazing panel remains in place. 


Since the interior panel remains, the building is sealed to the elements while the exterior panel gets replaced – this allows inside operations to continue without interruption. The result of this replacement is a completely refreshed system with a new 10 year glazing warranty and the original panels can be sent for recycling.



The perimeter frame is completely thermally broken and mounted on the underlying construction with an EPDM slab, aluminium drip list or sealant to ensure a wind and watertight connection. The frame is then enclosed with either a simple one piece snap in place frame cap, or a two piece mechanically attached cover that allows the glazing in of adjacent systems, waterproofing, or air membranes.



The concealed UniClip™ is designed as a structural connection, capable of withstanding heavy loads. The specialised design enables the panels to be installed quickly and remain in place without needing frame caps.


Purlin Clip:

The purlin clip connects directly to the internal aluminum structure and connects the glazing assemblies to the main building structure. The metal to metal connection prevents the glazing from breaking under extreme loads and allows it to freely expand and contract. The strength of this connection typically allows the panels to span from floor to floor.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 1 2.1
Revit Revit - 1 2.1

  • Properties and values

Properties and values

To EN 12152: 2002 Class A4 / 600 Pa
Manufacturer's standard,One layer 10 mm thermal insulation (clear),Two layers 10 mm thermal insulation (clear/ clear),One layer 4 mm acoustic insulation (clear),One layer 4 mm acoustic insulation (clear),One layer 3 mm solid Low-E
16 mm UniQuad polycarbonate glazing, translucent panel with multicell extrusion
Blue matte,Bronze matte,Clear matte,Gray matte,Green matte,Ice white matte,White matte
Purlin Clip and UniClip™
Aluminium curtain wall frame sections
Clear: 43%
Structural load to EN 12179: 2000/ EN 13116-2000: 600 Pa (Positive and Negative). Impact load prEN 14019 Internal: I5 (950mm); External: E5 (950 mm)
Clear: B,s1 d0; White: D,s2 d0 to EN 13501
1 m,1.5 m,2 m,2.5 m,3 m,3.5 m,4 m,4.5 m,5 m
None,LED backlighting,Graphic Design
To EN 12154: 1999 Class R7 / 600 pa