Monokote® Z-146

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A Portland cement-based, factory-mixed material able to withstand freeze-thaw, wind, rain and other climatic conditions. It is lightweight, economical and fast to apply. The use of an injection process at the gun head sets this material typically within 15 minutes. The sprayed material bonds tightly to the substrate forming a durable surface that does not dust or flake. The product may be sprayed or troweled to various textures.


Features and benefits:


  • Ready to use.
  • The factory-mixed blend of common Portland cement and other inert materials requires only the addition of water for mixing and application.
  • May be sprayed or hand troweled after spraying to achieve a lightly textured appearance.
  • Can be mixed in standard plaster mixer. After mixing, MONOKOTE® Z-146 may be spray-applied with commonly available pumping and spraying equipment.
  • Portland cement base affords excellent fire protection characteristics in areas subjected to high humidity.
  • Hardness and durability help resist accidental physical damage.
  • Able to withstand freeze/thaw, wind, rain and other climatic conditions.
Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 1 2.1
Revit Revit - 1 2.1

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Properties and values

Material should not be used if it contains partially set, frozen or caked material, should have a minimum average dry, in-place density of 40 lbs/ft³ (640 kg/m³), formulated to be mixed with water at the job site, applied directly to the steel, at various rates of application which will be job dependent, using standard plastering type equipment or continuous mixer/pump units, a spray gun, with a properly sized orifice and spray shield and air pressure at the nozzle of approximately 20 psi (0.138 MPa), will provide the correct hangability, density and appearance
Min. 10,000 psf (478 kN/m²)
500 psi (3.45 MPa)
Min. 40 pcf (640 kg/m³)
No continued erosion after 4 hours
No growth after 28 days
The material should be kept dry until ready for use, keep packages of material off of the ground, under cover and away from sweating walls and other damp surfaces, all bags that have been exposed to water before use should be discarded, stock of material is to be rotated and used before its expiration date

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