Urimat Ceramic Waterless Urinal c/w MB ActiveTrap

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Elegant vitreous china waterless urinal bowl with shrouded waste outlet incorporating the unique Urimat MB ActiveTrap technology – No Water, No Oils, No Chemicals and No Odour.

As indicated by its name the Ceramic is a vitreous china version of the Urimat waterless urinal and can be used where traditional china urinals are required. Therefore the water saving qualities of Urimat can still be applied in installations where vitreous china urinals are preferred. It is well suited for high class applications such as Hotels, Conference Suites, Private Clubs & Venues and Corporate facilities.

The patented shape of the bowl guarantees that Urimat is 100% back-splash free, protecting clothing and the environment. This is achieved with an extremely strong negative curvature in the impact area and with the shape of the rim of the bowl extending far to the front. Therefore, the user stands closer to the urinal, but without hitting their head on the wall, increasing the target accuracy. This significantly reduces the maintenance cleaning and saves additional costs.

The patented MB ActiveTrap drain trap technology and the microbiological cleaning agents guarantee trouble-free, odourless operation. The complete absence of a flushing rim and sharp edges in the vitreous china urinals from Urimat actively avoid any build-up of deposits. The non-porous glaze of the ceramic bowl ensures that no residues are left.

Key features include:

  • Water saving – saves up to 100,000 litres or more per urinal per annum
  • Low cost, easy maintenance
  • Manufactured with high quality sanitary vitreous china
  • Extremely hygienic operation
  • Easy to install and requires no water feed, cistern or flush-pipe
  • Shrouded waste outlet
  • Suitable for concealed or surface mounted waste pipework
  • Supplied complete with fixing bracket and bolts
Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC 2X3 2 1.3
Revit Revit 2016 + 3 2.0

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Properties and values

UR35.001 Trespa Urinal Privacy Screen Divider; UR35.200 ESG Frosted Glass Urinal Privacy Screen Divider; UR52.202/2 MB ActiveTrap for Ceramic Urinal (pack of 2); UR56.002 Stainless Steel Sieve for MB ActiveTrap; UR58.520 Kera-Fix In-wall Mounting Frame for Ceramic Urinals; UR80.002 MB ActiveCleaner 3 x 1 litre bottles of concentrate + empty spray bottle; UR80.004 MB ActiveCleaner 4 x 1 litre bottles of concentrate; UR80.006 MB ActiveCleaner 1 x 10 litre container of concentrate; UR80.008 Trigger Spray Bottle for MB ActiveCleaner - 500ml; UR80.010 Pelican Dosage Pump for UR80.006 MB ActiveCleaner 10 litre container UR80.018 Pump Action Spray Bottle for MB ActiveCleaner - 1 litre
Wall mounted bowl
UR52.202 MB ActiveTrap for Ceramic Urinal; UR56.002 Stainless Steel Sieve for MB ActiveTrap; Mounting Bracket & Fixings
MB ActiveTrap
620 mm
EP57.002 Standard Plumbing Assembly Set (1 required per urinal bowl); UR80.002 MB ActiveCleaner 3 x 1 litre bottles of concentrate + empty spray bottle (starter pack - 1 required per installation or washroom)
21.00 kg

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