Automatic Sliding Door ES 200

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The ES 200 is equipped with the DORMA PowerDrive technology, which ensures safe and reliable operation. The integrated power for an extra-powerful motor gives dynamic acceleration/ deceleration (operating curve) control capability. It provides adaptability for use with different door widths, door weights and functionality by providing 'docking' facilities to modify or provide add-on functions to the system in accordance with individual customer requirements.


The modular control system comprises of the basic control module (BM) and the function module (FM). Add-ons include the prefabricated Mini Drive Unit, industrially tested and equipped with all the necessary electrical and electronic components. The system is commissioning with a PALM using either standard parameter sets keyed in or DORMA ASP software. The ES 200 corresponds to all the latest European and German standards and safety regulations.


Consult the manufacturer for electrical requirements and wiring diagrams.


Features and benefits:


  • Suitable for single or telescopic door arrangements.
  • For framed or all glass doors designs (consult manufacturer for ST ES 200 or FST ES systems).
  • The ES 200 is available as a component kit, as a complete, pre-assembled operator or ready integrated in all DORMA sliding door systems.
  • DORMA provides programmed switches, activators and door profiles all perfectly matched to the operator as ideal complementary components.

Physical attributes:


  • One panel door: Clear opening – 700–3000 mm and 200 kg maximum weight.
  • Two panel door: Clear opening – 800–3000 mm and 160 kg maximum weight.
  • Unit size height 100 or 150 mm high; depth of 180 mm.
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