WC Flushvalve Control Box

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The DVS no-touch WC flushing system is an electronically operated drop valve which replaces the traditional syphon and delivers a measured volume of water from the cistern to the lavatory bowl. A simple wave of a hand pass the fitted sensor will activate the electronic Flushvalve delivering a measured volume of water upon activation. The timer can be adjusted to any setting between 1 and 6 seconds. A 35 second delay mechanism prevents abuse between flushes by the user. An electromagnetic solenoid coil is central to the operation of the Flushvalve. Upon activation, an electromagnetic field is created within the upper part of the body. This draws up a metal piston which opens the valve and releases the water through the flush pipe into the WC. At the end of the timed flushing cycle, the electrical supply is cut off thereby deactivating the solenoid and returning the valve to its normally closed position. The flush repeatability is very accurate with typical 30% savings on water costs.

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  • WC00-010
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Revit Revit 2014 + 1.0 1.2

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