Flushmatic Urinal Control Box - White

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The Flushmatic urinal control is used for multiple station urinals and can be surface or ceiling mounted. This works by using a passive infrared (PIR) detector which detects movement within the sensing area, switching the unit into a timing mode. After a pre-set time, the solenoid valve opens allowing water to flow into the cistern activating the flushing cycle. The fill-time for the cistern can be customised by the user using the appropriate switches on the Flushmatic board. There is a set of dip switches to adjust the time delay after activating the PIR. The system’s fast fill helps eliminate scale problems associated with slow or drip fed systems. An automatic janitorial flush can be set every 12 hours, should the system not be used during that time. – Up to 80% savings on water costs – Extremely reliable – Low maintenance – 5 year guarantee (excludes solenoid valve) – Low power consumption – Solenoid valve included – Adjustable fill time (15 mins max) – Service contracts available.

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  • UC01-009
  • UC01-005
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Revit Revit 2014 + 1.0 1.2

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