Sensazone Mains Power Adapter


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Save water

Sensazone controls water flow with solenoid valves. If motion is detected, the valves open to supply water to urinals and cisterns. If no movement is detected for a pre-set period (configurable to 15 or 30 minutes), water supply is cut off.

As Sensazone controls water at its entry point, the water is prevented from passing uncontrolled through any defective or damaged outlet, eliminating the risk of wastage or flooding during vacant periods.

Reduce energy

Sensazone's automatic shut-down facility eliminates unnecessary energy use. This efficiency is achieved through reducing lighting and extractor fan usage.

The power supply to the lighting will action when Sensazone detects that the washroom is occupied, and when ambient light falls below a level configurable by the user. Power will continue to be supplied for either a 0,15 or 30 minute period, depending on preference.

Extractor fan operation can also be configured; users have the option of using Sensazone to control the fan-run on time, or using the fan unit’s own timer facility (dependent on model selected).


  • BREEAM compatible; credits under Hea 06, Hea 07, Ene 04 and Wat 03.
  • Infrared sensor(s) controls supply of all water and electrical services: hot water, cold water, grey/ rainwater, lighting, and ventilation.
  • Hygiene flush feature.
  • Avoid flooding due to vandalism or water wastage due to defective outlets
  • Ambient light sensor feature – lights only turned on when natural light levels require it.
  • Surface mounted; suitable for any ceiling type.
  • Ensures compliance with Water Regulations, and earns BREEAM credits.
  • Can be used to control both water and electrics, or water only (taps, WCs and urinals), or electrics only (e.g. lights and fans).
Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 2 2.0
Revit Revit 2016 + 2 2.0

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