Easyflush Valve Assembly

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How it works

Easyflush Wave is operated by the user bringing their hand close to an infrared sensor. The dual flush mode enables the user to select either a part or full flush by the length of time their hand is in front of the sensor.

For a part flush the hand is held in front of the sensor for up to one second, and for a full flush, over one second. Easyflush Walkaway is normally activated by the user standing up or leaving the cubicle; however, it can also be activated by the user bringing their hand toward the sensor.

The Walkaway version comes with the dual flush factory-programmed. A part flush will be delivered if the user departs from the cubicle within 40 seconds, and a full flush will be delivered if the user departs after 40 seconds.


  • Infrared sensor operated WC cistern flush valve.
  • Defaults to part flush as low as two litres for maximum water savings.
  • No-touch means no cross-contamination; hygienic.
  • Installer programmable flush volumes; improved water economy.
  • Flush (outlet) and delayed action fill (inlet) valves combined in one unit.
  • Available in active (‘Wave’) or passive (‘Walkaway’) mode.
  • BREEAM Wat 01 compatible product.

Reducing water consumption – on every flush.

Installing a Cistermiser Easyflush can save up to 162 000 litres per year.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 2 2.0
Revit Revit 2016 + 2 2.0

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