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Lewis Dovetail Metal Deck concrete composite acoustic floor installed over timber joists. The floor build-up has a number of variables for achieving different acoustic results.

The E2 detail includes the build-up to achieve acoustic separation within exposed beam timber floors. These are often either existing timber floors within a renovation or conversion to apartments or new build floors. Beams are often retained to maintain the look of the ceiling where they are required to be retained under listed building status or for a more period look.

This floor detail includes a plasterboard ceiling and insulation between the joists with the Lewis mineral wool resilient strips placed above, then the Lewis Deck and a total depth of 50 mm of concrete or screed installed on the top.

Under floor heating pipes can be installed within the concrete layer. This floor detail has timber beams that have a predictable char rate within a fire situation.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
Revit Revit 2017 + 1 1.3

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