Passivent Airscoop Roof Ventilation Terminal


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A range of displacement (top down, wind driven) natural ventilation roof terminals designed to 'capture' prevailing wind and direct it via four separate chambers within the terminal to the space beneath.


Research shows that air is constantly entering one or more of the chambers or exhausting via one or more of the chambers depending on prevailing wind speed and direction.


Features and benefits:


  • Patented double-bank louvres for maximum rain rejection and optimum airflow.
  • Complete separation of chambers prevents ‘short-circuiting’.
  • Square or circular terminal designs available.
  • Structural base unit divided into four separate chambers, provides structural support to terminal and damper housing.
  • Patented motorised insulated four-way volume control dampers within sub-base, controlled by single actuator.
  • The dampers simultaneously control the flow of air into and out of the unit. 
  • Unique quad arrangement of CFD-designed inlets/outlets provides efficient passage of air movement at low velocities and good air distribution, preventing ‘short-circuiting’


Weather performance


  • Tested to BS EN 13030 ‘Performance testing of louvres subjected to simulated rain’: double-bank louvres Class A 100% at 0.00m/s, Class A 100% at 0.50m/s.
  • Thermal insulation U-value 1.6W/m²K when basic dampers are closed
  • Resistant to continuous wind loads at 51m/s,
  • 4mm insect screen
  • Compatible with a controller


Acoustic Performance


  • Airscoop Basic system up to 32dB (Dn,e,w).
  • Airscoop DAD system up to 34dB (Dn,e,w).
  • Airscoop RAD ducted systems up to 42dB (Dn,e,w)


Free Area (with base louvre):

575 x 575 = 0.064m²

800 x 800 = 0.182m²

1025 x 1025 = 0.331m²

1250 x 1250 = 0.561m²


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