Glidevale Protect Fresh 99H Humidity Sensitive Wall Ventilator

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Glidevale offers a range of manually controlled standard vents, which allow the user to open and close the vents as required. Fresh 99H is a non-electrical, non-mechanical humidity-sensitive through wall vents provide controllable, responsive background ventilation. Supplied as automatic internal vent, ducting and external grille, the Fresh 99HdB acoustic ventilator offers the added benefit of noise reduction to 40dB Dn,e,w.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic opening / closing dependent upon relative humidity (RH).
  • Energy saving through reduced heat loss.
  • Operating range 35% to 75% RH.
  • Trickle facility even when ‘closed’ to ensure fresh air ingress.
  • Simple and easy to fit.
  • Ventilation equivalent area of 4210 mm².
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Revit Revit - 1 -

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