Glidevale Protect AH4 Part L Push- Up Hatch

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Glidevale loft access hatches have been designed and engineered under BS EN ISO 9001 to meet these latest demands. Each Glidevale loft access hatch comprises a frame which is fixed into a trimmed opening and has a seal to the ceiling, and a hatch door which is thermally insulated and has a flexible closed cell seal between door and frame.

The AH4 push-up hatch door is injection-moulded polypropylene with insulation infill. Twin latches, and an anti-wind uplift mechanism at the opposite end of the door, prevent the hatch from becoming dislodged if there is severe wind gusting. Option: Two lockable security bolts.

Features and Benfits:

  • All models meet or exceed the NHBC minimum opening size (NHBC Standards 7.2-D14).
  • Each Glidevale loft access hatch is a complete unit comprising frame and door, with integral closed- cell air/vapour seals and thermal insulation.
  • The integral seals significantly reduce water vapour migration into the loft space, reducing condensation risk.
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