Ancon 21/18 Omega Channel & PP21 Movement Tie - 2D Detail

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2D Detail

A high performance, self-anchoring cast-in channel slot with debonded tie for use at vertical movement joints that abut concrete columns.


  • Manufactured from corrosion-resistant Austenitic stainless steel.
  • The tie restrains the masonry against lateral loads whilst the sleeve allows the masonry to expand/contract.
  • The channel is available in lengths of 100 mm and 3000 mm and at 18 mm deep is suitable where there is reduced cover to reinforcement
  • The ties are available in lengths from 125 mm to 225 mm.
  • CE’ marked to BS EN 845-1 – see literature or CE Declaration for performance values.

2D plan detail for indicating masonry wall tie requirements.

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
AECOsim AECOsim - 1.0 -
Revit Revit 2016 + 4 2.0
Vectorworks Vectorworks - 1.0 -

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Object upgraded to NBS BIM Object Standard v2.0.