353 Series Wall To Wall, Ceiling to Ceiling Expansion Joint System

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353 Series - Wall To Wall, Ceiling to Ceiling Expansion Joint System

Features and Benefits:

  • Flush or surface mounted pan cover plate system for
    wall and ceiling expansion joint applications.
  • Offered in both: Recessed mount (353 series) and
    surface (355 series)
  • Ranges from small to extremely wide joint conditions,
    while maintaining a minimal sightline impact to the
    interior environment.
    Pan and frame wings can be anodized, or pre-primed
    to be painted in field.
  • Pan options include:
    - Flush metal cover plate (pre-primed optional)
    - Gypsum board infill
    - Ceramic tile infill
  • System's sightline can be custom modified to match
    floor, system coverplate widths (upon request)
  • Heavy duty security magnet system allows for
    generous daily thermal movement and lateral shear
    without disengagement from the wall.
  • Cover panel disengages during seismic events; while
    arrest cables ensures the panel stays close to the wall,
    ensuring egress routes to be maintained and clear.
  • No exposed hardware for security and cleanliness
  • System is designed to prevent damage to
    surrounding walls finishes.
  • System can be customized for ±100% movement
Platform Compatible Version Certified to
Revit Revit - 1 2.1

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