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Designed primarily for residential applications where 2-wheeled bins are in use by individual dwellings, metroSTOR PBL series provides an enclosed waste and recycling centre for all versions of bins. Specific internal unit dimensions ensure that bin lids cannot be left open with the resultant wind-blown litter issues and the availability of factory or retro-fitted recycling apertures avoid waste stream contamination.

Compact and unobtrusive form enables metroSTOR PBL series to be conveniently located close to entrances or in communal gardens making the facility easily accessible to users and bin crews. The low-profile design allows installation in garden areas and in front of windows.

metroSTOR PBL is a modular, flexible, future-proofed design that can be adapted to the challenges of evolving waste stream requirements. Optional integrated shelving enables kerbside and caddy type stacking bins to be accommodated within the unit.

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Revit Revit - 1 2.1

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