NBS Plug-in for ARCHICAD

GRAPHISOFT UK provides NBS Link as a premium content for customers with Upgrade and Support (UAS) in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Credit: Artlantis rendering by Thierry Tutin

This latest ARCHICAD plug-in from GRAPHISOFT improves productivity for architects and other specifiers by linking the information modelled within ARCHICAD with the information contained in NBS specification software – NBS Building, NBS Engineering Services, NBS Landscape and NBS Scheduler.

The plug-in enables clause titles and references to be added with a single mouse-click. NBS guidance can be viewed in context to assist decision making, and it’s easy to review and revise the specification details. The automated link ensures that the details in ARCHICAD model and the specification remain in sync.

GRAPHISOFT customers in the United Kingdom with Upgrade and Support (UAS) can download the plug-in and other exclusive content from http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads (UAS Exclusive Downloads section).