Irrigation unit GN81

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LivePanel irrigation unit

Dosage fertilizer/Ciro CleanDrip:
Jerrycan 2.0 ltr:
Dosage 2 pulses each liter (= approx 0.2gr/ltr)
700gr Peters 15+11+29
145ml Ciro Cleandrip
Dosage 4 pulses each liter(= approx 0,4gr/ltr)
Dosage 1 pulse per liter (= approx 0.1gr/ltr)
280gr Peters 15+11+29
290ml Ciro Cleandrip
700gr Peters 15+11+29
75ml Ciro Cleandrip

Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 1 2.1
Revit Revit - 1 2.1

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