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8 mm cable-based fall arrest and restraint anchorage system incorporating force absorption technology to minimize the loading passed to the structure in the event of a fall.


Features and benefits:

  • Enables the end user to connect to the line to move freely without needing to disconnect from it to accomplish any movement; exclusive design of the anchors combined with its superior shock-absorbing materials means that the system can be top-fixed to most modern roof constructions.
  • Operates horizontally and along inclines and can easily accommodate three simultaneous users. Can also be used as a single point system and a single point Type A anchor.
  • No compromise to the integrity of the roof and, in the event of a fall, there is minimal damage to the roof sheets as all loads generated on the system are greatly reduced.
  • Stock reducing flexibility: Designed with fewer components than comparable systems.
  • Reduced installation time: Designed to be quick to install and is supplied fully assembled, including end anchors and intermediates.
  • Design flexibility: Easy to design for multiple situations including bespoke installations.
  • Highly corrosion resistant: All components are manufactured from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, polyurethane and aluminium.
  • Reduced waste: Delivered to site with minimal packaging to reduce the environmental impact created by excessive waste.


Extensive testing procedures are designed to be in excess of the requirements of the standards. Tested to:

  • EN 795:2012 Type A;
  • EN 795:2012 Type C;
  • CEN/TS 16415:2013 for three users;
  • BS 8610;
  • AS/NZS.
Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC - 1 2.1
Revit Revit - 1 -

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