Multifoil Blanket Insulation (1)

This typically consists of aluminium foil either side of bubble film insulation. The 
aluminium is protected with a special coating to give durability and corrosion resistance therefore creating a fully waterproof insulation system. Depending on product and required insulating properties, blankets can be laid in one or two layers, with or without other conventional insulation materials. Unlike traditional forms of insulation, the performance of multifoil is unaffected by humidity.

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  • Gen-X Multi - Insulation

    Euroform Products

    BBA certified, Part L compliant multi foil insulation. Complete thermal, air leakage and vapour barrier all-in-one.

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    • Manufacturer:Euroform Products
    • Uniclass 2015:Pr_25_57_06_57
    • NBS Reference:45-45-70/360
    • Last Updated:04th Jun 2019