S-Line Pillows®

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Intumescent pillows with high expansion ratio and waterproof lining.

S-Line® Pillows are an ideal product to create a temporary or permanent fire barrier around all types of services to prevent the passage of fire through a rigid wall or floor, especially suitable where services are continuously being changed or replaced.

Available as:

  • Large
  • Small
  • Sausage

Ideal for electrical trunking installation. S-Line® Pillows are filled with organic fillers and intumescent additives contained in a waterproof glass cloth bag. Available in 3 sizes to ensure precise installation.

  • CE Marked 
  • UL-EU Listed
  • Fire Resistance EN 1366-3 EI 120
  • Fire Resistance Testing to BS 476 240 minutes
  • Fire Classification EN 13501-2
  • Certifire 3rd Party Accreditation CF514
  • IET (IEE) 17th Edition Fire Stop Complaint to Regulation 527.1-3 – Electrical Installations
  • BS 7671-2008 Chapter 42 & 52 – Electrical Installations Fire Resistance
  • Fire resistance tested in rigid walls & floors
  • Tested in Metallic Pipes, Cables, Cable Bunches, Cable Trays and Cable Ladders
  • Acoustic Isolation EN 10140 to 46dB
  • Air Permeability EN 1026 to 600Pa
  • Reaction temperature 180 °C.
  • High Expansion Ratio
  • Remains flexible between –20°C to +130°C.
  • Waterproof lining
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations up to 1m²
  • Contributes to Green Building
  • Non-combustible and non-toxic



Platform Compatible Version Certified to
IFC IFC 2X3 1 1.3
Revit Revit 2015 + 2 1.3

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Properties and values

46 dB
22.8 m³/h/mU+00B2 (420 Pa)
Compartment walls or floors
Black, Red, Silver (standard), White
Sealed waterproof glass cloth bag containing organic fillers and intumescent additives
Available as option
Available as option
Certifire certificate - CF 514
50 g

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    Changes to reflect updates to the NBS BIM Object Standard v1.3

    • Removal of Uniclass2 property
    • Addition of Uniclass 2015 properties
    • Addition of COBie Category property value

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