Passivent Hybrid Plus Airstract Roof Ventilation Terminal


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Passivent Hybrid Plus Airstract® Terminals are a unique and patented system of ventilation provision or extraction with three modes of use depending on the needs of the building and outside conditions.


It comprises two main elements: the structural sub base unit which houses the insulated and modulating dampers, mixing chamber and low energy use fan and the terminal above which fully utilises Airstract® technology.


Features and benefits:


  • Different operating modes can be programmed to allow the most efficient option to be used when required.
  • During low external temperature events recirculation mode mixes incoming fresh air with interior warm air to provide tempered fresh air to the space.
  • In peak summer conditions, to avoid overheating, enhanced mode allows for high levels of air movement.
  • In natural mode the terminal acts as a conventional passive stack to maintain indoor air quality and temperatures.
  • Unique design does not require a vertical internal divider and therefore performance is independent of wind direction.
  • Single low-power fan uses minimal energy only when required during peak summer and low winter temperatures.
  • High-level inlets in summer allow the system to operate a night-cooling strategy, using cooler night time air to reduce the temperature of the building’s thermal mass.
  • The unique terminal design does not require a vertical internal divider and therefore the flow performance is independent of wind direction. This ensures the system flow performance does not stall with changing wind directions.
  • Controlled through an intelligent Passivent iC8000 Control System. iC8000 ensures the system operates in the correct mode according to factors such as CO2 concentrations, internal and external temperatures.
  • Based primarily on natural ventilation strategy so does not require large and costly mechanical plant.
  • Actuator to modulate duct position for different ventilation modes.
  • Unique patented double-bank louvre arrangement including 4mm insect mesh combines maximum rain rejection with good airflow performance. Achieves 100% rain rejection, Class A effectiveness to BS EN 13030: 2001. Resistant to wind loads up to 51m/s.
  • Base unit constructed from marine grade plywood from renewable forests.
  •  Free Area: 1250 x 1250mm = 0.561m².
  • Flow Rate: 420 litres per second (l/s).
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